Radio Frequency Sine Wave Quilt

I work in the RF group at work and one of my coworkers wives if pregnant.  Anyone in our group that is pregnant I stitch together a quilt for their newly anticipated arrival.  By doing this simple gift for my coworkers I am able to try all kinds of neat tools of the trade or try stuff that I don’t want to try on such a large scale.  I am getting great experience under my belt, and regardless how the quilt turns out, the babies don’t care (especially if there is an oops).

So how to incorporate Radio Frequency into a quilt.  *SIGH*….much planning went into this and I did not follow through with some of my original ideas.  But I ended up using the Sine wave that is common to RF on an oscilloscope.  But how to take a curved line and make it mean something but get real power for the punch.

I brainstormed on this a good two weeks.  After looking around on pinterest, I thought now is a good time to whip out a bargello quilt as I can put the sine wave pattern idea into a nice assortment of fabric.  But, a bargello for a baby quilt is quite advanced for something that may or not be cherrish by parents or baby.  So I had to figure out a way to scale back.  And then genius struck!  I had a obnoxious bolt of moda ombre fabric.  And this fabric would be perfect for this baby quilt.  Instead of cutting many strips of different fabrics, I could get away with cutting many strips of just one fabric.  It worked!!!  It was fast and affordable, great for my pocketbook of time and money.

Radio Frequency Sine Wave Front.


The backing of this quilt is radios and I purposely bought this fabric to incorporate into a quilt for someone at work.

The quilting of this is just a grid much like on an oscilloscope.  That walking foot did a great job.  For this being quilted on my domestic sewing machine (DSM) I think it turned out rather professional looking.  Tomorrow is quilt delivery day, and I can’t wait to see the look on his face.

This has also stirred other ideas in my head using a wedge ruler and cutting on the bias which would create an outward swirl of color in a circular quilt….

Simple binding, neat effect.



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