dramatic fabric!


Quilters tie their money up in supplies for their hobbies.  Sewing machines, rulers, rotary cutters, storage, fabric, books, etc.  accumulate with the wealth of the quilter.  “I need this ruler for this project, and I need that fabric for that project.” many have said.  And then before you know it, there are piles of consumables that are so plentiful you may never live long enough to see their fruition!

too much!

So I have a few notes to keep your fabric stash in line with your budget and in line with the real estate space you have.

  1. Be warry of sales.  Yes, that charm pack is only $1.99 online, and shipping is another $5 to get it to you.  So the savings is only a couple of dollars.
  2. Only make a purchase if you really like it.  If there is anything about it you don’t like, don’t regret your purchase tomorrow.
  3. Do not purchase fabric for future projects especially if you have more than one project going.  The likely hood of you starting and finishing another project can become another UFO (unfinished object).  If you have a good idea invest in a spiral notebook that costs a dollar and jot down notes with your idea.
  4. Finish a project before moving on to the next project!  Maintain, don’t gain hehe!
  5. Only go onto Pinterest and social media when you need to solve a problem with the fabric dilemma you may have.  Staying off the internet will save you oodles of cash.  Spend that time finishing what you have started.  Living vicariously through other peoples accomplishments will only make you spend money on future projects.
  6. Be mindful of your family.  If you are getting on in years and something happens to you, most of your accumulation will become worthless.  You are the one who believes it has worth.  Your family, because it has encroached the closets and drawers common to the household will gladly give it away with a sigh of relief.
  7. Finding a nice piece of cloth at an estate sale or thrift store will only do you good for the project you have going.  Again only if you really REALLY like it buy it.
  8. Don’t purchase a large lot of fabric with items you would never use.  Pass it up.

Don’t let fabric be dramatic!  Control yourself!  That little bit of self control will make an improvement in so many ways in your life.  You will become so good at it, that it will parlez into you being a better person.


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