Profound Yet Easy Skirt Transformation

Greetings from my quilt projects!

How may quilt projects do you have going?  I would love to hear your comments.  Currently I may have as many as 5.  A couple of quickies which were waiting on supplies and time, and the others are so difficult I am conflicted each time I sew as it is exhausting.  So, switching gears in your quilting schedule is sometimes necessary.

When working these more difficult projects sometimes it is a nice break to do a little something that may take less than an hour just so you can create and sew and have almost instant gratification.

I have little ones about and find purchasing new clothes is a waste as they grow so fast.  So I visit thrift stores in hope of a score.  Lately clothing in stores is so threadbare and thin you have to wear/buy two shirts to be modest.  These clothes do not last and so the amount of good quality clothing in thrift is becoming less in numbers.  Skirts for girls are just too short and it is almost impossible to find a good quality skirt that goes below the knees.

The solution has been found!  I visited the adult section.  I found skirts that were perfect for a little girl but too big.  Most of these skirts were straight waist with invisible zippers which are perfect for the profound skirt transformation.  All you need is a skirt, knit elastic, and a ball point sewing machine needle.  Measure the waist of your recipient and add about an 2 inches.  Overlap the zipper at the start of your stitching by one inch with the elastic.  Tack down the elastic. (note: Have your fabric to the topside and your elastic to the waist of the wrong side.)  Set your machine to the stretch stitch.  See number three below.

Number three in this photo represents the right elastic stitch you need.

Start stitching.  stretch the elastic as tight as you can to achieve a uniform stretch all the way around the skirt.  Make sure on your end of elastic overlaps the zipper about an inch.  This inch allows you to hold onto it and stretch it while sewing.  Trim ends of elastic as to not interfere with the zipper.  Check fit and repeat…Make two more passes over the elastic stretching it each time about 1/4 of an inch from the last row.  And Viola!  A skirt suitable for youth, transformed from an adult size down to a toddler size.  Very professsional looking results on the outside.  Only you and your family see the inside so no use in wasting time on extra work when it is not needed.  Length will never be an issue again!  Teach a little modesty to your youngsters with the hemline of their skirts.  It will have a profound impact for the rest of their lives.


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