A Creative Craving

via Daily Prompt: Craving

Ever since receiving my first sewing machine, I have had this internal mechanism that wants to create something crafty and useful.  When it comes in the form of sewing, this internal pull is strong.  It will drive a person nuts if it does not get its fix.  And in quilting this craving can be very naughty.  It may cause one to go on a buying spree seeking nothing but something.  It also may cause you to play with fabric and piecing, but don’t have any intention of finishing.  In the quilters world we call this a UFO, unfinished object.

Cravings of a pregnant woman are very similar to the cravings of a quilter.  You are hungry for it, it may not sound or look good, but you must.  And then during this gratification, it is as if your mind is saying “mmmmmmmmm, this is just what I needed”.  As quickly as it comes, it may leave.  When it leaves, you look around and realize you have been a slob and probably need to reorganize and clean your work space.

Sometimes it stays for a while.  It consumes your free thoughts.  So daydreaming/brainstorming ensues.  It can strike at anytime and anyplace.  If it happens while you are at your job, the boss man pays the price.

I am not into drugs, but that internal pull/craving I suspect is very similar.  You just need to have that fabric, needle and thread, piecing fix.  Maybe this internal craving is just narcissism coming out to play.  In summary, I believe that quilting can be used as a drug, releasing dopamine in the body for a pleasurable sewing experience.  Perhaps it is too much testosterone or too much estrogen.  And we all know those hormones are directly linked to pleasure!  May we all satisfy our healthy cravings!


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