Our Local Quilt Hop Highlights


In an old abandon church people came together to show their antique quilts.  This was the show stopper!  A very romanticized story came right along with it.  This quilt originated in Tennessee and traveled to Texas by covered wagon between 1866 and 1868.  This family had 10 children and it was passed to one of them which then passed it on and so forth.  They estimate this quilt was made in or around 1850.  The quilt pattern is the tobacco leaf.  So at approximately 166 years old, I’d say it is in marvelous shape.  For a textile of this age to last is quite something.  Think of all the illness the quilt may have come in contact with.  Think of the joys and sorrows that each descendant had, and how many family members were surrounded by its love and warmth.  It has silently seen the Civil War!

Think of the work that went into this.  The cotton had to be picked, the mill had to spin and loom the cloth.  Then the dies were added to the fabrics.  Then the fabric was sold and  made it into the hands of a family who put all their quilting skills and work into it.  I wonder how many people touched the cloth before it ended up as fabric for a quilt?  I wonder how many hands have touched the quilt since it was birthed?

I wish I knew what kind of batting they used.  Since this is of a tobacco leaf and made from cottons, and because it is from the south, it could be cotton, or it could be wool.  This information was unknown by the committee who was showing the quilt.  Well, it has definitely served this family well!  I hope one day this ends up in a museum because of the southern tobacco and cotton ties.  I wonder what something like this is worth?  If you are an expert in this field, leave a comment and give your appraisal.  The family deems it priceless!


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