Quilter’s Palette

via Daily Prompt: Paint

Medium = cotton fabric

Canvas = the bed

Finished work of Art = A quilt

A picture captures a moment in time and tells a story of that one moment in time.  And we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The quilt pictured below is from our quilt hop, made in 2014 and finished in 2015.  it normally adorns the back of the owners couch to be used for warmth of its thickness and warmth of its meaning.  This quilt palette is all about tractors, tractor logos, and farming in general.missingthefarm

The name of this quilt is “Missing the Farm”.  It has a fine touch of machine embroidery to add to this quilts story.  I interviewed the woman who made this quilt.  Her name is Cheryl Deets and is a member of the local Piecemakers Club, a group of of people who get together for their community and make items such as the one shown (or they go solo, such is the case here).  I asked Cheryl what inspired her to make this quilt?  She replied, “My husband.”  During this interview I found out that her husband grew up in a small town where agriculture was the main stay.  And he helped his father farming in his spare time as a young man.  When he left the nest, he went to work for International Harvester, and worked with that company for years.  So the agricultural community was part of his life, for more than half of his life.  She wanted to make something sentimental and utilitarian and out popped this quilt.

She painted this quilt with many cotton fabrics all selected to perfection for her husband’s enjoyment.  She sewed the seams and brought the story to life.  This was displayed at our Visitor’s Center as a masculine themed quilt.

Lots of colors in this.  Lots of fabrics.  In quilt design the person purchases the fabric to cut up and make into a quilt.  Have you ever thought about the designer of the fabric?  They get out their paint and create a repeatable grid of colors for a bolt of fabric you may feast your eyes on at a quilt shop or in a big box store.  That quilt started out as a blank piece of cloth which became dotted and spotted, painted with colors.  Shapes took form and behold the designer delivered his/her art to the next step for inception as fabric.

So you have the Picasso’s of fabric and the Picasso’s as the quilter.  They paint such lovely pictures.


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