From the Quilt Stack

I think Wednesday sounds like a day as good as any to grab a quilt from my ever growing stack and show you the fabric choices and discuss other details.  I made this a few years back using a layer cake called Daisy Mae.  I don’t think you can still find the fabric in 10 inch squares but they are still available but limited to perhaps charm 5 inch size as well as yardage.  I used Moda black yardage.  I had seen so many of the disappearing pinwheel-churn dash blocks done with a solid and prints that complimented one another but I had never seen one done in black.  When I got all the blocks sewn together, I realized I was a tad short on the length and a littler shorter than that on the width.  So I decided on piano keys for a boarder.  I decided no border for the top edge as my length became perfect with just adding that row to the bottom.  When running them down the sides I was not sure how to make them meet up so I just mitered the corners.  I wish I would not have done this, but it is what it is.  Now looking at this picture again, the sides look more like a zipper.  It is however you see it.  Two years from now I may look at it and think of a stack of coins.  It was sent to the longarmer for quilting and I decided a puzzle piece seemed to get just the right amount of quilting, not too dense, not to sparse.

Churn Dash

This was taken before it was quilted.  For a mother of a toddler, the disappearing pinwheel – churn dash block was perfect because I could sew a little and then cut a little and get pretty far in just a few stolen minutes for quilting.


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