Crossed Canoes – A Quilters Reference

I have a fabulous book I have had for years that is a great reference if you see a quilt on the internet or in an antique shop and do not know the pattern name.  This book is called 1000 Great Quilt Blocks.  It has been a great investment for me as I can look back in time to a pattern that is not really used anymore and do a little research on the internet.  Normally if you have specifics you can find that pattern free.  So, today I opened that book and come across a pattern called Crossed Canoes.  I have never done one of these quilts but after finding the awesome super power of the internet and the pattern offered free, I may have to attempt this one in the future.

A great place resource in starting your frugal searches for free patterns is Marcia Hohn’s website called Quilters Cache.  Fantastic sight if you know the name of a particular block you are wanting sizes of squares and triangles that make up that block.

Another great resource I just came across today is a site by Jinny Beyer.  And here is the link to the crossed canoes pattern.  This site will allow you to input fabrics to get the look of your quilt virtually before even sewing a stitch.  It also gives the pdf of the downloadable pattern for free in 6 inch, 10 inch, as well as 12 inch.  SCORE!

At a site called (clever name) I came across a simple visual of the pattern shown below.


Here are three images I pulled from pinterest.  Fabric placement creates a completely different looking quilt with the same pattern.

I like the one in the center, placed on point rotating with no pattern every other square.  And the lovely contrast between the black and the grays and whites in the first block.  The light on lights in the yellow picture are even more different than the other two.

The internet is a lovely tool just waiting to be used by quilters, whether it be via pinterest, or just a browser search.

Looking further for this block, of course you can always stumble upon a quilt block barn trail in whatever state you may be looking.  I guess they have a geo cache type trail.  This website gives GPS coordinates and then you drive and find it.  Kind of a neat way to use that GPS on your phone for some quilty fun and yes it gives info to find the crossed canoes quilt barn block.

Have fun with your research on the crossed canoes quilt block.  The possibilities are limitless!


3 thoughts on “Crossed Canoes – A Quilters Reference

  1. Oh wow, that’s what that pattern is called? I didn’t even know there was a pattern, I had seen this image before but in one of those logical reasoning tests and it was asking a question on the number of triangles in the picture. I was really fascinated with it and even saved a picture of it but glad to find it here…thanks for sharing!

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