Quilt Hop Continued


The quilt above was quite a puzzle as many of us could not discern what that block is called.  Can you take a guess?  It is an acorn block, kind of nutty isn’t it?  And although I am still researching the rest of it, I have not figured it all out.  Any comments on what you think the arrow up means or the fact that the quilt is made in red, white, and blues may be a clue.  To be determined at a later date.lesmoynesashing

This second quilt was hand pieced by one of the ladies at the Piecemakers local quilting group.  What a wonderful idea for sashing!  Oodles of work though.  I was disappointed when looking at the quilting of this, as it is a huge missed opportunity in those white squares.  I could have done so much in that spot, it has left me wanting to re-create this and quilt it will a punch of personality.wwii

And this quilt will close our local quilt hop pictures.  This quilt was made when a woman’s sweetheart went off to serve WWII.  While thinking of his return, she knew to make this with her quilt group.  Each block is dated with the persons name on the airplane.  How appropriate to make this for sweetheart with an aero design for her soon to be pilot husband.  This quilt must have been loved and used as it did show a lot of wear and actual tears, stains too.  I still need to research this block because instead of the quilter making one square with the airplane on it there are 4 corners notched out on each block.  Not sure of the significance, but am still working that.

Stay tuned…..a previous post I had started working on a TOL (tree of life) baby quilt is coming along nicely.  The tree is stitched, but now I am stumped (oh I made a funny!lol)


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