TOL Continued

Well it seems I have made good headway on this tree of life baby quilt.  I managed to get to a quilt show yesterday and took the tree tucked into my purse in pursuits of fabric to make it more girly.  When I started this project, the gender of the baby was unknown.  I gambled with blue sky.  I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right.  As pregnancy progressed, I guessed wrong (I don’t have a hang up with genders being assigned colors, but many people do).  But that is ok.  Any quilt can be saved you just have to put more brain muscle behind the project.

I found the perfect fabric yesterday.  It had a hues of pink, sand, tan, and white, which matched the green marbled batik perfectly.  However, I had to ditch the idea of grass fabric under the tree.  This pink was too pastel for the dark black and greens.  That grass fabric will go into the stash of other orphan fabrics waiting to be selected for their new happy, stitched together home.

Many half square triangles went into this tree.  I have not counted but I think there is around 200.  The tree I designed myself.  I did not want to do a tree on point as I was afraid I would run out of blue sky, which I bought last year to a quilt shop which went out of business.  The likely hood of a match was nil.  There is just a scant shy of two yards of blue in this.  Those HST’s really ate it up.

Since the grass fabric was out I needed land for my tree.  I selected a sand color with lots of beautiful feminine blue flowers.  It matched perfectly.  I sewed that to the bottom and then sewed one piece of pink border to the side and realized something was not quite right.  I got the opinion of my mom.  She suggested taking a picture and seeing through the lens, if it looked different.  She liked it.  I kept looking at it as yellowish.  Then when I looked through the lens, I realized that even though the sand in the fabric matched the sand in the pink fabric, at a distance, this was lost and therefore did not go together.  We both decided maybe to use the batik in the leaves as this pink border really highlighted the pinks in the green batik.


So now I have got it looking feminine.  Now I must figure out a way to incorporate the baby to be’s room decor.  They told me monkeys and trees.  Um, I just cannot put a monkey on this tree.  The tree looks so wise.  A monkey would lower it’s IQ!  They recommended a african flair.  I have decided not to put anything else on this quilt top.  I will find safari fabric to match and it will be the backing.  I think adding this now will take away from the wise ole tree.  Do you have any suggestions?  (I also have a rule of no zebra prints, or tiger stripes and the like.  I believe this to be associated with sensuality and definitely not appropriate for baby.  Sorry)

When I proceed with the free motion quilting of this quilt, I will probably not incorporate any safari in that either.  I am undecided for sky quilting and ground quilting.  The greens will be quilted with veins in the leaves and the tree I will quilt a heart with the names of mom and dad.  I think they will really like that.  Now, off to buy fabric.  Follow up on this could be as late as October as the little one is not due until then.  I was quite stumped with this tree of life quilt.  But the quilt magic has happened.  The story of this quilt will get posted after I get it quilted, and yes the story is life changing, well, for me anyway.

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