A Quilters Tool?

pin and dust keeper, and a few threads to boot

I noticed that the Moda blog was about pin cushion the other day.  I have never really given this tool much thought as I have always had one.  From the time I got my first sewing machine while in grade school (Good Ole Grandma!), it came with a classic tomato pin cushion and for years I have used this.  But then one day I happened upon a sewing cabinet which was full of all kinds of notions and an old singer sewing machine.  I snatched that bugger up for only $15.  One of the items in this cabinet was an old handmade pin cushion.  I had never seen a pin cushion that was not a tomato.  I have switched to this old shallow boring brown pin cushion because I like vintage utilitarian oddities.  Out of curiosity, I went in search of old pin cushions.  Lots of these things go up for auction regularly, but I was very surprised what I realized.  That old, brown shallow pin cushion is quite collectable!  And worth every penny I paid for it at the time too!

My pin cushion is something I use very regularly.  When I am piecing it is a “sometimes” tool, I find I can be a tad more accurate with them, but a whole lot faster without them.  So fellow quilters, do you pin when piecing?  I would like to hear your thoughts about this tool in your quilting corner(s).  What kinds of pins would I find if I gazed upon your cushion?  What kind of pin cushion do you have?  Where do you keep it?  Is it completely populated to resemble a porcupine?  I invite you to share what is stored in your ever so useful tool (snap a picture and link it up to this article for fun).  I will start by saying mine has dress maker pins and quilting pins, safety pins, pins with glass heads, pins that are all metal, sewing machine needles and regular needles too with thread attached for easy removal.  Oh and because it is out all the time, it even has dust!  And the holder beware of my pin keeper, if you squeeze that shallow pillow too hard with all those pins,  “Ouch!” will happen.  Those pins will find your fingers through the keepers.



3 thoughts on “A Quilters Tool?

  1. I just use the magnet ones and I have three. One is just for those little special screwdrivers and seam rippers and a few needles. The other two — I load up one with pins and bring it over to wherever I am pinning pieces, usually the ironing board. Then the other empty one sits by the sewing machine and as I unpin I drop the pins on it. Then whenever I need to, I just swap them out!

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