Finishing someone else’s UFO

Greetings blog land!  You know as quilting goes or many crafts for that matter, we tend to accumulate goods with very good intentions of doing it right away.  But life happens and then we realize we have several Unfinished Objects (UFOs) that are completely doable, but doing seems to get in the way.  In January I bought an unfinished quilt off the website.  My logic when I purchased was basically I am getting a quilt kit that is pre-cut all I have to do is finish sewing it together.  The project with shipping came to around $40.  In hindsight I over paid.  The fabrics were not all cotton, in fact most were poly/cotton.  Ok, I can live with this.  And the picture details did not show me what I needed to know before purchasing.

You see, the colors and the pattern caught my eye.  The glorified nine patch with all of it’s lovely melons were calling my name.  My thought on this was, oh and experienced quilter was right on their way with this project and something may have happened to said person.  And the family needed to go through the belongings and this was discarded, but not thrown away, waiting for it’s next home to complete it.  Once I received it I was not disappointed with it being cut out, and not disappointed much with the colors as they were pretty accurate.  The poly/cotton blend kind of perturbed me, but I should just be mad at myself as I didn’t think about the color scheme being possibly 50/50.  But what really shocked me is how poorly it was constructed. improved nine patch1

So now I have named my seam ripper, Jack the Ripper.  And am using to take apart what is sewn together and then fixing the nine patch and resewing the melons.  I now know the skill set of it’s former owner was not equal to my skill set.  The 9 patch centers were basted together either by hand or by machine with a very inaccurate 1/4 inch seam allowance which is why I am taking them all apart.  So very wide baste stitching was used (hooray for Jack the Ripper), as this part was easy to deconstruct.  But It almost looks as if someone else stepped in and attempted to sew the melons to the glorified 9s as these did not have even a close 1/4 inch seam allowance and they used teeny, tiny machine stitching not matching centers so, when you gazed upon what you thought would be beauty was a bunch of sloppy blocks done by someone with a skill set of not caring and so I have inherited someone else’s UFO (I suspect this is 3rd owner UFO, which makes me want to get this done even more so.  This orphaned project needs to find completion and enjoy its happy home outside the boot box it came in).  So a couple times a year I get out the boot box  with a date of 1988 (I believe this is approximate to the start date of the UFO quilt) and I get out Jack and we have a party of a time removing all the thread that was once a good intention.  I ripped several blocks apart last night and today I will get out the iron and resew and press them.  And because the green melons were stretched in their original configuration I may stabilize those with fusible and proceed.  But what I will probably do , is instead of leaving them melons as I have realized the cutting was not accurate on these as well and have many sizes, I will cut all the melons in half and then make a square block to sew together which is much less difficult then sewing a row of glorified nines and try to get them to line up with the next row with all the inaccuracies.  Don’t feel sorry for me, learn from my mistakes.  I guess I was more optimistic on this one than I should have been.  I know when I get this jewel done, it will be done.  I have posted these pics online before to fellow quilters and most of them told me to throw it in the trash.  I cannot do that.  They deemed it rather ugly.  I am seeing its beauty and again am hoping I am not being to optimistic.  I will take any advice given as I am already seam deep with someone else’s UFO.


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