Quilt Research puts me in circles!

TGIF!  Greetings blog land!  I hope this day finds you well and on your way to the weekend!  Today I have sat at this computer trying to research a quilt pattern.  There was a blog I read earlier today where a woman had posted her pattern and it was accepted to the Moda Bakeshop website.  She was disappointed as she did not know someone before her had dreamed up the pattern she had also dreamed up.  I believe (and this is just my opinion), that is why some quilt blocks have so many names!   I also believe that some parts of the country may call a specific block one thing and it is called something else on the opposite coast.

In my quilting research I have found that a long time ago before people could afford books quilters would make their own reference cloth book.  Each time they made a block, another block would be catalogued into their cloth book so they or someone after them had a nice reference and could easily measure and copy the pattern from their homemade book.  What a lovely challenge to do with all those orphan blocks eh?  Yet another project for my bucket which bursted at it seems years ago and I am now on more than one bucket.

The quilt in my title bar of my blog has inspired and intrigued me since I came across it.  I have tried to find this block and the name and keep coming to dead ends with the name I have.  I have only found two pictures on the internet of 2 different quilts and then several with a different variation.  I have an awesome reference book and I did find a name but because it is so similar to a common block, the search yields the wrong images/pages.  I need someone more seasoned than I to tell me what the heck they have heard this block called.

Here are the names I know of currently:

  • Snowball II
  • Base Ball
  • Baseball Variation
  • Base Ball String
  • Drunkards Path Bow Tie

So I welcome advice and help.  *sigh*  I am really wanting to make this and was hoping there was an easy pattern out there.  I have sketched this out and believe I can make it using applique, which is a technique that I don’t really like doing.  If any of you are interested in joining my search please send me any links of pictures or websites that may have more information than I currently have.  You will be hearing from me again real soon.  Stay tooned (hehe).


7 thoughts on “Quilt Research puts me in circles!

  1. If you’re okay with curved piecing and inverted corners, this block would be easy to machine piece. It would be time consuming but worth the effort. Each block is made of four smaller blocks which are then joined. If I was doing it, I would draft up a paper pattern and then play with templates. You wouldn’t be able to rotary cut the pieces.


    1. I am trying to develop this pattern without the curve nightmare so a novice could put it together. I am still in the research phase. I will post when I get closer to my goal. I hope to share the pattern as well with a tutorial.

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