Someone else’s UFO -continued-

I have a cleared time the last few days for ripping with Jack the ripper (see my former post) on someone else’s UFO.  If I counted correct I ripped out 11 blocks all the way down to the centers and then restitched 10 back together.  I did not get all the melons put back on, but that will come in time.  Here is one of the problems with the seam allowances, inaccurate.

Most of the seam allowances were just the opposite, they were way too large which had a wonky affect on the 9 patch of the block.  This block I fixed, but it still has raw edges uneven.  All I can fathom is wrong with this, perhaps there was shrinkage while ironing or a mis-cut (not by me but by it’s previous owner).glory9

As you can see, by the frayed edges, these have been around the block (oh I made a pun!).  The centers are right but the raw edges, not.  I will make do.progress

This photo I call major progress.  These are just blocks with some melons sewn on, and laid on my display wall, the bed.  I had around 7 more centers with no green sewn to them and they did not make the picture.  But, they will eventually.  I did encounter a problem.  I came across a block with part of the black fabric slashed on the edge.  Not certain how I will handle a fix for this.  Any advice or suggestions would greatly be appreciated!problem

Oh look at me, I am a hand model (hehe, it doesn’t pay worth a crap though hehe).  This error is approximately 3/4 of an inch.  I am wondering if I put fusible behind it and then just satin stitch the dickens out of it with black thread, if it will come apart later or if it will be fine?  I have no extra black fabric as these were already cut and sewn together before I got them.

Well, I am no where near completion, so this is to be continued.  I am expecting fabric in the mail to finish the TOL quilt, and prepping it for some free motion quilting.  If the fabric arrives today back in the boot box the glorified 9 patch will go until I have the energy to deal with Jack the Ripper and murdering all those previous seams.  Stay tooned (hehe) as there will be more to come…


3 thoughts on “Someone else’s UFO -continued-

    1. Thanks! I love a good challenge every now and then. I am looking forward to being done. I have run into another problem this afternoon, so now I will have to figure out how to square the melons accurately after they have been sewn to the 9 patches. *sigh* Suggestions? Comments on that?


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