Research in Circles is Complete!

Good morning readers!  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  I am researching a picture of a quilt I come across about 6 months ago.  This photo had no information included for block name, and I really want to make this quilt.

The first thing I did for inspiration download the photo and place it as my desktop image.  Every time I booted up the pc, I would get it see the lovely image.  So, whatever it was that I was doing online, it was tugging my mind saying “find me.”

I dug my heels and in and started my research.  The best place for me to find block names is going to the good old fashioned book called 1000 Great Quilt Blocks.  In this book this block is called Snowball II.Snowball 2

Unfortunately, due to the commonality of the name, a pictorial or web search became impossible.  This revealed zero results.  I did not give up.  There was a quilt block not exactly like this on Marcia Hohn’s website called by the Snowball II but it was not exact.

Then a couple of weeks ago searching out old quilts online on the website, I came across this beauty.


But, again no name.  So I started really putting my noggin to the grindstone.  This resembles the drunkards path block, so I starting doing some searches keeping this in mind.  I came across a site that had a drunkards path in each corner of a square and found this to be called the old mill block.  download

Still, I was coming up empty handed.  I did however go to a website and found a string quilt made very similar but not exact.  This was called the crazy baseball quilt.  Ah-ha I had another name.  But this lead only lead to a few more pictures and that lead ran dry.

So back to my normal routine.  Looking through auction photos on ebay as well as search engine photos.  I was almost ready to shut the lid to the laptop and quit for the morning and then ran across this on ebay.pie09.44.59

No clue in the title, so I crossed my fingers and scrolled down the page and low and behold, there it was another name!  Even the seller questioned the name and called it the Vintage Pie block?….this was new to me.

So resubmitted new searches for photos with this name and came up with Pie and Tart block.  Yes this is so close.  This blogger even did a tutorial on it and no sewing curves!  I will still have to modify the pattern to fit the first picture but I am almost there.  I also found a book with english paper piecing by Sue Daily but in all the tabs I had opened I failed to bookmark it and will search for this again.

Now I must contain myself to not start another project until I finish one of the quilts I have going now!  “Remain calm” I keep telling myself.  “Don’t look in your stash.  Keep strong, you must use your will power against these photos.”  Will power and quilting is like a super power by the way.  I used to do so good with only having one going and then I tried a really hard one and it through me off that bandwagon and I have not been able to get back on since.

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5 thoughts on “Research in Circles is Complete!

  1. Glad you found it! I looked in the book 5500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone. She has some Baseball blocks but they weren’t exactly the same. Other close (but no cigar) designs were Moon and Stars and Old Maid Combination. She does not have any designs for Pie and Tart, or Pie anything.


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