Shelving the UFO

Well I took count today of what I have accomplished and how many I need to go.  I still need to rip out 13  nine patches and associated melons.  I got 5 more ripped today and come across the tricks of another quilter.  As you recall in my previous posts on this quilt, post 1 and post 2, I am attempting to fix someone else’s UFO.

So I got to the block above and had to share the tricks of the seam allowance I have been dealing with as well as the odd seam to fix a mis-cut?  It will work as it will not be as noticeable.  So 5 more ripped out and 13 more to go.  Several more to sew.  stacks

After doing some fabric rearranging and purging today I have determined it is bad feng-shei to work on this one more day consecutively.  So, it has officially been shelved.  I am still going to make a pattern of this block since I am stripping it down to bare bones.  The blocks I measured today are 3 1/4 inches.  I will draw it out on graph paper and upload it to share with everyone after it has been shelved long enough for me to get back my gumption.  To be continued…….

5 thoughts on “Shelving the UFO

  1. Do you know about Tim Latimer? He does phenomenal work restoring old quilts, including ones I wouldn’t touch like old polyester knits! He turns them out like crazy, and on his website he shares all the details of how he does it. Here’s the link just in case you haven’t been there yet:

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