More UFO work

In a recent post, I chose to shelve a UFO that I had purchased partially done because I was sick of ripping the seams.  I shelved this also anticipating a fabric purchase to come via snail mail, which has not gotten here yet.  So out comes another UFO.  This one I have not worked on in a long while because all these people I know were having babies.  And with those events come a quilt for each, no excuses.  So after 10 quilts so far this year for little ones, I am wanting to work on something for myself.  (I still have the TOL to finish and another quilt I have not even planned because the parents just announced they are with child).

I had a couple of choices (bad girl…tsk..tsk..tsk, I know, but when creativity strikes, it strikes when the iron is hot and may not be there a day later, if that makes any quilting sense).

I chose to work on this bugger.  It is a learning curve in the beginning and again if you don’t work on it and go back to it.  I have figured out some things along the way, and will post all those details along with my homemade pattern (I need to piece my blocks together to make sure my pattern is correct before I share it with you).  This is definitely an advanced quilt and I do not recommend if you do not have the patience for Y seams and weird angles.circlesjackschain (1)When doing these block and laying them out (on the dirty floor lol) the circles you do not see unless you step back.  The camera makes the circles very photogenic.  I have started appliquéing hexagons to make flowers in the centers, but will probably not do this to every block.  The 9 patches were so much fun to make.  The fabric line I chose for this oh so long ago was Sandy Gervais Rambling Rose line and Onasburg fabric for a linen old fashioned look.  I am a fan of turquoise, and anything that is complimentary.  I will NOT be giving this one away as the work I already have in each block exceeds a giveaway quilt many times over.  This pattern is called Jack’s Chain but adding the extra triangles and full block I believe this is called Jack’s Circles, but don’t quote me on that.  This one will be the one that only gets put on the bed a few days of the year to be used and aired out to keep as an heirloom for the youngin’s when I am far past my prime and gone from this lovely earth.  If any of you are interested in this pattern stay tuned as I will have more details in the future.  If any of you are working this now and need some tips, ask away and I will do my best to help with your Jack’s Circles questions.

Almost forgot, make sure to visit my other blog The CookBook Project for a few recipes.


6 thoughts on “More UFO work

  1. You have so much patience it looks amazing! I was wondering what happened when I opened my stat page and I was not following you anymore, it’s because you changed your “main” website to your cooking one! But I’m still following this blog and now the other one as well 🙂


      1. Quilting inspiration is almost everywhere I look, even the tiles on the bathroom floor. I am glad you are finding my post fruitful for the eyes. If there are any quilting questions, just drop me a line and I will try and help you out.

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