TOL Finish!!! And the whole story behind this quilt.

I promised you from a previous read that I would tell the story of this quilt.  You see, I have made this for a couple who is expecting a baby and work directly with the father to be.  We were doing some grueling work and had worked a bit of overtime and such and was told it was no longer a priority.  So that work related project was pushed aside.

I proceed to leave work on a day in July and had my purse on my arm and was walking towards the door and Tyler (father in the making) showed up, asking to do some slight rework.  As much as I wanted to blow it off, I stayed an extra 30 minutes that day and fixed the issue.

On the way home that day, traffic was funny and I could tell something was up in front of me somewhere in my commute.  Turns out there was a head on collision that killed three people (according to the next days headlines in the local paper).  The time of this accident, would have put me right there if I had not been delayed that 30 minutes.  That head on wreck could have been me.  So, the father to be, managed to save my life, hence the tree of life quilt (TOL).  This accident really bothered me and has allowed me to slow down a bit and relish each moment with the children, and helps with the meltdowns or poddy accidents, or splashing way too much water out of the bath tub, you know every day, ordinary things that may be taken for granted by us adults.

In speaking with him before this took place he said his wife wanted trees and monkeys, a jungle theme.  The tree was easy.  Because my life was spared I thought I would make my version of the tree of life.  I went through my stash and had to go buy tree bark fabric and some backing.  After this tree started coming together, I could simply not put a monkey on it as I thought it would dumb down the wisdom of the quilt.  (Most monkey fabrics are cartoonish and this is more of a pictoral/fractal/serious quilt, and the monkies I found just would not work.)  Then there was a hurdle of trying to make this not look like a boy quilt.  I also wanted to accomplish the wish of the jungle (turned african) theme.  So I decided to do the african theme on the back.  This one was quite a challenge for me with the colors.  But, I think I got them all to tie together for a little girls room.  Oh and I also put the mom and dad’s name on the quilt because their love created this little baby to be.  I thought maybe this would be a nice touch.

The completed project of my own design.  This is the second time that I quilted free motion feathers.  This is not as hard as it looks and I did not have any problems doing the outer border with this technique.  All of the quilting was done on my regular sewing machine with a walking foot or a hopping/darning foot.  The quilting gave it a more girly flair.  I hope the parents to be like it.

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