A Thrifty Score! And The UFO’s Need Attention too!

A couple times a month, me being the thrifty shopper that I am, I hit the thrift stores.  Looking for _____________ (fill in the blank).  I usually go to the tie section and look for pinks or unusualness.  I actually found a tie this week (100% silk for a buck) that had sewing machines on it with a yellow background.  Be looking for a post about my ties soon.   I also peruse the vintage sheet section but I think I have maxed out my space for this collection.   I also found approximately 9 yards of pink and light fuchsia pink solid fabrics for only 5 dollars!  I have so few solids in my collection.  The pink looked like it had been taken off the bolt and rolled into a bolster.  After feeling this fabric I think this is older Moda fabric, yay!  The other solid could be Kona but I am not sure.  Since I have been sewing so many children’s quilts for all these expecting parents with the the girl streak going, those pinks will definitely get used.


Since finishing the TOL quilt, I am in a slump.  I do not want to start another project, but I do not want to work on the UFOs that linger in my stash.  I have all this fabric calling my name and it is like a drug, I just have to say no!

I do need to plan a border for my dodecagon quilt.  circlesjackschain (1)I have several more blocks that need pieced together and then I need to applique some hexagons in the center (yuck, I dislike applique but I must push through).  Once the blocks get all sewn together, I need to come up with a plan for the border.  I am wanting to keep the circley part of the block to scallop on a border fabric.  I think piano keys would be too dark in the colors from the nine patches.  Perhaps a drunkards path to keep the circle theme going.  The border is TBD (to be determined).

I could also get out the ufo that I am tearing all apart and sewing back together,  but I am to the seam ripping stage and I don’t really care for that work (who does right?). progress And then there is another project I have not even mentioned which will not take me long at all, but it would require no children present as it is white and I don’t want grubby little hands touching it.   Most of the sewing is complete.  I guess this one will wait for the holidays when I can have time alone with out little helping hands.  These are embroidery squares that I purchased from Goodwill Industries.  embriodery (They are like their mama, they like to touch fabric but don’t have the skill set yet to do anything about it, that will change with time :)~.)

I got to my LAQS (local area quilt shop) and purchased some striped fabric for a future block build.  But I don’t want to spoil this surprise with any details yet.  I went in for thread and left with way more (that is how it goes, easy come easy go).

My mother and I share an Accuquilt cutting system.  We each purchase the dies we want and we have amassed a nice collection.  They just came out with the companion sets which we now have so I am just itching to try this.  But I already have a whole bag of clamshell pieces all die cut out waiting for some more action.  This will not take me long because I have many blocks done, with little effort to go.  Life can be very interrupting sometimes especially when you are catching up a weeks worth of laundry, or buying groceries, or cooking for that matter, let alone bathing children and and spending playtime/quality time with them.  Everything will work out in time.  I find if I rush myself by creating a deadline, I just make it hard on myself.  So I will work one of these jewels in between, cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry, lawn mowing (glad my grass is almost dead, yay! this chore is solving itself), and working a 40 hour work week.

Decisions! Decisions!  I am so thankful I have all this work and play ahead of me.  Life would be rather dull without it.  Whatever did I do with my time before?

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