Let the ripping continue!!!

Greetings!  I recently posted not sure which direction I was going to go with which UFO (ooooo that rhymed).  As you can tell by the title and the picture, I have chosen to use my handy seam ripper also known as Jack the Ripper and we have been murdering some more seams.  I have made progress!!!!  Yipee!!! I am doing something I loathe and am pushing through.  As you can see by comparing the first photo to the second, it is progress.  I almost have enough nine patches to cover the whole bed.  I am still needing to attach more melons, but the ripping is minimal now.  I have less than 13 blocks to completely tear down and re-sew.  I am currently daydreaming/brainstorming on a name for this quilt.  I could call it The WaterMelon Crawl as I need to drink alcohol to keep sane and progressing.  I also thought since this has been such a lemon from the start to call it Green Lemonade.  Hmmm, that second one sounds kind of neat and will help tell the story behind it.  Place your votes in the comments of which name you like.

progressThis photo was taken with more natural light, hence the darker green color which is more true.improvedninepatchprogress2

And Now I actually can see drape-age off the sides of the bed.

Now that I have brainstormed a couple of names for this, what about the quilting?  I think feathers for the melons.  Perhaps to assist with a quilting design I should place these on point to make more of a statement!  Now that is an idea!  Off to go research some improved nine patch quilts to view their quilting and determine the fork in the road and decide later how to quilt this as I still have  a few weeks to go.  Next time I lay this out on the bed I will be laying it out on point.  It will not look so boxy and more geometric.  I hope the rest goes fast but, being a mother of young’ins and a full time job with an hour commute, my eight hour work day then turns to 10.  Then you have to add the cooking and laundry, and bathing the children (I am certain to bore you with the long list of daily chores).  Gosh, Mother’s are such fine tuned instruments (no wonder my batteries always need to recharge).  I reckon no one could keep up with us if they tried.  Till next time!  And don’t forget to check out my other blog here.

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