A Quilt Show!

Well, I have attended another quilt show.  This one was a smaller more quaint one.  Lots of intricate quilting and a few beautiful quilts.  Some were great patterns but how they were quilted were a meh to me.  Here are the two show stoppers that I really liked.  There were so many but I forgot my camera (dang it)!  So these were taken with a family members cell phone.  A shout out to the photographer!!!  Thanks son!

The first quilt is a tumbling block pattern made with a 9 patch, oh sew clever!  And the second was made from 30s reproduction fabrics and was a beautiful butterfly pattern.  I would love to make both of these.  The rhombus quilt (tumbling block) I will have to invest in another template.  The butterfly quilt, I have the fabrics but have way to many UFOs to complete.

Besides this quilt show I actually got to go out and eat.  This is a rarity for me as I am always the one cooking up a mess in the kitchen.  The food was ok, the service was ok.  I am so glad I did not have to cook!!!!  Then there was a little shopping.  At the quilt show, I spied the nolting longarm quilting machine.  I WANT this MACHINE!  I really had a good feel for this machine, but where in the heck would I put it in my very lived in active house?  I would have to buy another house to accommodate it or rent space somewhere.  I just don’t want to do that.  I went ahead and gave the lady what I wanted in a used machine, so the Big HOUSTON quilt show is coming up and there will be trade ins.  Maybe I will catch a break and get the machine I want for the price I want.  But where in the heck will I put it?  That is TBD, when there is a will there is a way.

There is nothing better than to get wind in your sales by going and getting inspiration at a quilt show.  You see so many great ideas and lovely details.

Now onto other quilt business.  I have made a little more ripping progress in the Green Lemonade quilt.  I only have a couple more blocks to rip down, then there will be a gob of sewing and these go together rather quickly so be looking for a completed post in the next couple of weeks.  If all goes well tomorrow, piecing will ensue.  Perhaps I should count up all my UFOs and cross them off by 1/4 finished, 1/2 finished/ 3/4 finished, and completed?  hmmmm, I will be looking into this as it is a good idea for all those unfinished quilts.

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