Ticker Tapes

UFO Green Lemonade is a little more than 50% complete.  I have stitched about 60% of these quilt blocks back together.  I am estimating my percentages on the quilting part as well.  I have yet to figure out what I am going to back this with, any of you have ideas?


Jacks Chain Circles UFO is 40% completed.  I have many blocks sewn together and still have a few more to go plus quilting. (this photo is out of date and I need to layout on my design wall (the bed) and capture that with a new photo).


Then I have the embroidery square project that is probably 75% done.  I just have a few more sashing pieces to make before it is all sewn together.  This picture was taken in the beginning stages.


Clamshell quilt is about 50% done.  The pieces are all cut out.  I have some strip sets sewn.  I have some blocks sewn.


The last three quilts are still in the collecting stage.  I have a vintage sheet quilt still in the planning stages.  I have a whole drawer full of sheets.  This quilt plan is taking up a lot of space.vintagesheetplan

I have been collecting silk ties now for about a year and have found a project for them I just need to complete what I have in the works before I start on something else.  I even have found a silk tie that has sewing machines on it!silkties

And all my scraps will make it into a string quilt one day.  This is also consuming a large chunk of fabric real estate.  I am only showing two gallon bags of many, and this grows with every project.  I am saving every last bit of fabric to turn it into something grand one day.strings

So the last three are not even UFOs yet they are just accumulating, they are all at 0% started/completed.  I have enough work here to keep me busy without buying anything else for a long time.

This blog is really helping me push forward.  The ties are really itching me to start yet another project.  I have plotted out my pattern, and am just wanting to do something new.  But I refrain because the difficulty of this project is even more so than the Jacks Chain Circle or the Green lemonade.  Please cheer me on as you see I need it!

Hi, I am a blogger and I have a problem.  The first step in a problem is admitting to it.  So that is done, what is my next step?  Quitting UFOs?  No….completing UFOs before anything else is started…YES!


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