UFO Vs WIP Wednesday

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I have a mental block that will just not let me get past my point of the UFO hell that I am in.  Since picking one of the UFOs back up and working extensively on it, is it still considered a UFO?  UFO stands for unfinished object, so the answer is yes.  But technically because I have not abandoned it and am working it everyday I feel very negative in calling it a UFO, it is a work in progress right?  WIP?  I think UFOs should be renamed to reflect the time they are not touched.  So for instance, if this quilt had been going on for 7 years it could be called a SeptUFO.  But when I read this word my mind wants to say Septofu which is not where I am wanting to go.  Or perhaps I could think of nomenclature to represent the month it was started in Dectufo?  My green lemonade quilt, I suspect it has been going on for more than 20 years I am just finishing it like it is mine but really it has probably had multiple owners (hints of different threads, handstitching, basting, and interlocking sewing machine stitching).  So if I bring roman numerals into it it would be called XXIVufo which is not even pronounceable.  Any nomenclature ideas?

Additionally you can birth a quilt by sewing the wrong sides together and turning it right side out (basically, I have made this process sound easy).  So by it’s birthdate, do you date the quilt by that?  Or do you go by when the oldest fabric was manufactured  or purchased?

I have some cloth that was my Grandmother’s and put it in a memory quilt made from her fabric and Grandpa’s clothes.  That was 15 years ago and it was a daily used quilt with many washings.  When I was making the quilt, when I would iron over this black fabric with white circles, you could smell the iron in the fabric, which made me wonder with the smell of the age of that fabric if it would oxidize.  The answer was yes, it is almost completely gone from the quilt.  The quilt is only 15 years old but that fabric probably dates to the 40s, an antiquity which did not hold up to the chlorines in the water and the detergents and tumble drying.  So was this quilt really only 15 years old?  Or was it 70+ years old?

My mind is whirling with so many questions.  A quilting conundrum.

-To Be continued-

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