Green Lemonade Update

Greetings!  I am so elated!  I could not wait to share my good news on the Green Lemonade quilt.  I have over-come sew many obstacles with this project.  I was worried once I got all that was ripped out sewn back together it would not work.  I have about 5 nine patch blocks left to sew together.

I was laying things out on the bed looking, trying to figure how I was going to tackle the beast today.  I had completed two rows and decided to see if my skill set would allow me to put them together.  Success!  I have learned in the melon process to mark my centers of the 9 patch edge and the melon edge and sew from the center.  That way any excess will end up in the seam allowance and not as big of a deal as ripping back out, trimming down and restitching.  Also start in the middle of the row and stitch to the edge of the next block.  If things don’t line up properly, because of the bias cut, you can stretch the dickens out of it and make it work (the quilt police would have me arrested and jailed)!melonstitchingSo here are two rows sewn together, and I was so happy I did not even bother pressing them.  This is still looking askew to me (Finished is better than perfect, yes?) but it is better than it was before with mountain peaks formed at the junctions of all four melons.  This quilt was formerly 3 dimensional, believe it or not.

2rowsBefore I started sewing on this project today I was perusing the internet trying to figure out a good backing for this.  I think some kind of plaid with greens and blacks.  But then I came across a yellow that resembles lemons.   After I get this top sewn together, it may be shelved yet again until I come across the perfect fabric.  There are cherries and cherry blooms on the black.  So maybe something farm/tree related.  Since there is sew much green, I am not sure green is the way to go.  I definitely do not want to go red, then it would become to christmasy.  And one of my pet peeves is christmas quilts.  I just don’t understand why someone would go to sew much work and then only use it a few days a year.  I guess I am too utilitarian for this concept.

When this one gets finished, I feel like baking a cake and lighting some candles for the extraordinary amount of labor to birth this quilt.  It is rather a love/hate relationship.  The looks of the quilt to me are meh at best, and the process/challenge I have enjoyed.  This has given me much experience and I would definitely feel comfortable helping someone else with a beast of their own.  Stay tuned for more green lemonade news!

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