The End Is In Sight!

Because of the inaccuracy of the fabric pieces, I probably could have saved myself a bunch of time and not ripped out all the seams.  Hind sight is 20/20, yes?  But I am glad that I did.  I have learned much, I still have a bit to go.  Hopefully after this weekend, the top will be stitched and incidentally shelved.  I know what I want for the backing but I am still trying to get it.  Until I right that rightness, it will go back where it came from to do the funnest part of the quilt, the FMQ.

I have set the blocks on point and am glad I did as it broke the monotony of so much green.  I think when I quilt this, if I use white thread it will help break up the green.  But that will be determined later.

I can only assume you and I will be glad to see something else spread across these pages.  Be looking for my pattern (nothing fancy) be on the website soon if I can figure that part out.



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