Romantic Quilting Delusions of Grandeur

Oops I did it again!  Lyrics from a famous song apply to this post.  Did I learn my lesson the first time?  Nope, apparently not.

As my fellow readers know, I purchased a quilt top with Delusions of Grandeur to finish someone else’s UFO.  I call this quilt green lemonade.  You can look back the last couple of months to see my posts on this nearly completed beast.  This quilt I policed and was dissatisfied with and would not allow the imperfections the previous owner(s) had created.  Now, I have acquired some more UFOs that were started by someone 50 miles away.  Name unknown.  Year unknown.  Why unknown.

I keep reading these wonderful stories of people who have passed away and someone else down the line finished a quilt.  The life of these people becomes eternal in that quilt.  This  makes me smile.

My mother called me over the weekend to tell me she had come upon a garage sale where they were selling a quilters stash.  She offered them $50 for all of the oodles of fabric.  She then offered them (an unknown amount for ribbons and ric-rac and even lace) to take this next lot off there hands as well.  I was glad that she was able to find fabric for her informal quilt guild.  All those hands will put all the fabric to good use.  But, of course this is my mother, trying to look out for her daughter with an offer to come take a look and get first dibs on anything in the fabric lot.  So, after I got other things checked off my weekend list, I went to visit to see this vast amount of fabric.

My mother did very well with that $50 bill.  She came home with 5 thirty gallon trash bags all full of fabric, with a storage trunk full too (trunk included).  So I proceeded in the hot sun and un air conditioned shed to go through the bags out of curiosity.  There were a couple small pieces of corduroy, 3 pieces of velvet, some pieces of fleece, but mostly it was quilters cottons.  I would reach down into the bag and feel around for the good stuff.  You quilters know what a good piece of cloth feels like.  In one grab I brought up some unfinished and orphaned quilt blocks.  I did not take all the blocks.  There was nice needle turn applique.  There was a sun bonnet sue ready to be placed onto fabric.  There were a couple of overall sams too.  Those were already appliqued and stitched all by hand.

But stuff like this has become my weakness.  I admire the romantic notion, the love that goes into quilting and to finish someone else’s project I think is _________(not sure what word to use here) and adds to the story.  I perhaps need to reflect more on this because I am uncertain exactly what it does to me to make me want to take it and do something useful with it.  It is kind of like going to the pound for an animal.  And coming home with as many as you could take because the idea of them being destroyed is sad.  Saving them is kind of a superhero role.  Perhaps, I have a quilting superpower and need to make myself a cape.  No need to fear, Quilting Woman is here.

All of the following pictures were stitched by hand.  I see these uniform stitches and wonder if this woman hand quilted as well because they are so even and perfect with many years of practice behind them.  I measured the seam allowance on one and was astonished to see they were all a perfect 1/8th of an inch.

The fabrics in the glorified 9 patch were beautiful.  And since this is the green lemonade pattern I thought I could make a nice wall hanging out of it.  Then there is this long piece of the double wedding ring.  This would make a lovely runner for the foot of the bed but I do not have any pieces to finish it.  So perhaps I will take this one apart and make it complete for my use.

For now they will get put in a bag and shoved to the back of the list waiting for the right thought, or the right situation to present itself, hopefully giving direction to take on these few pieces of stitched cloth.

3 thoughts on “Romantic Quilting Delusions of Grandeur

  1. I admire you! I have enough work of my own to be going on with, let alone adopting someone else’s ufos. I have some of the blue paisley fabric in the nine patch and have had it in my stash for many years. So that dates the work to some time in the 1990s, or the fabric at least.


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