No sew blues

It seems I am taking a respite from quilting.  I want to sew, but I am tired.  I get this way sometimes.  I have no momentum towards a sewing goal.  I look at my project draped over the accordion clothes dryer staring at it, admiring it, and wondering what the next adventure I will ensue working on it.

Sometimes creativity takes me by storm and I have to try what is in my head before it leaves and my memory forgets.  In that mad rush, I completely ignore all the projects I have going because _____________(I need to figure out the right word to fill in the blank, if it ever comes).  Maybe the words I am looking for are sudden urges.  Passions.  Yup creative passions over-rule.  My heart for sewing takes over my mind of logic.  So, while I await the gumption to get back to quilting, I will visit wordpress and pinterest.  I will admire much and add to my long list of un started projects.

Do you ever experience highs and lows while crafting?  The highs being you just have to find something for your hands to do, to occupy time.  And the lows being the lulls that you don’t want to touch any fabric or any tools and kind of get blue because you have all this stuff, but no urge.

*sigh*  Perhaps I push too fast to hard and my crafty mind has a bit of collapse and a bit of rebuild before it can tackle quilting again.  Perhaps life interrupts the crafting part so much that I just am tired of the interruptions and don’t want to start something I cannot completely focus on without having to stop to steer the children in a better direction, or to cook, or to clean the litter box, or to do laundry or dishes….take out the trash, make the grocery list, vacuum, let alone work a 40 hour week.

I know the mojo will return, I don’t want to rush it.  Right now I am goose egging the blog, the sewing machine, and the WIPs.

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