Time for quilting


The essence of time seems to speed up as I add to my growth rings.

I took a small respite from quilting and sewing and did absolutely nothing crafty.  I had to reset whatever clock pushes my passion for quilting.

My mother visited briefly yesterday and asked if I had worked on the green lemonade quilt.  I said I had not touched any part of the project for a couple of weeks.  I also informed her that I was so close to being done.

So in leu of that happening and then the mailman brought me 2 packages.  I seemed to find the fire again.  I bought the book by Anita Grossman Solomon entitled Perfect Blocks in minutes the Make It Simpler way.  I believe I had red someone’s blog that they had checked this book out from the library or had met her or something.  So I went bargin hunting on amazon and found the book for pennies on the dollar.  I am very satisfied and the blocks in the book  will eventually turn into something for someone.  I also received the yardage in the mail for the back of green lemonade.  As much as I want to share this with you, I am going to leave this as a surprise.  It will make you smile and it goes perfectly with the color scheme.

So I put my big girl panties on and proceeded to sew.  And I enjoyed it!  and sewed for about 2 1/2 hours!  With no interruptions!  I have a few more melons to sew to the borders and then it will be ready for sandwiching.  *Whew*  that one was a lot of work, considering I tried to take a shortcut by buying it half done.

Thread choice, not sure which way to go.  If I choose white I will be able to break up a lot of the green,  Perhaps I should go with multiple thread colors.  I just hope when I go to quilt this, all my problems are behind me.

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