Green Lemonade FMQ

I am back it with the Green Lemonade quilt.  I have more money tied up in this than I care to admit.  I have way too much time afforded to this not-so-gem of a quilt.2rowsThis quilt has been made into a queen size.  Saturday I got the last block sewn on and made sure all the melons were accounted for.  Last night I put my quilt sandwich together.  That was a job.  I am glad I purchased 8 yards for the backing.  I wanted the design to flow in one direction so it had to make three passes and two seams for the backing.  I will have just enough to bind it when I am done.

I selected my thread and wound several bobbins.  I proceeded last night to choose my quilt pattern for the melons only.  I have never attempted this size quilt on my DSM.  My throat space is a mere 6 inches.  I have been quilting now for about an hour and my shoulders are give out from all the tugging and wrestling.  The backing fabric is good, heavy, quality fabric, so this is adding to a thickness like no other I have tried.  Any other quilt projects this large, I will wait for a longarm purchase.  The UFO below, once finished, deserves a beautiful longarm customized quilt job.circlesjackschain-1

As previously mentioned in another post, I thought my problems were behind me.  The first melon I attempted to quilt ended up with a pucker on the back so I had to get Jack the seam ripper again and proceed to wear it out a little more.  Because this is so large my movements are rather jerky at best, especially closer to the center which is where I started.  As I get farther into quilting, this will ease up.  Now I am pooped and it isn’t even lunch yet.

This one will probably be tackled one small snippet at a time each evening.  Once I get the hard part done and get those melons successfully quilted, the rest will be easy.  I will be able to trim the bulk of the extra batting and fabrics.  The centers of the black and white square will be less flawed I suspect.

I am glad I did not choose white thread to break up the melons because of my jerky movements it would have looked worse.  I chose a dark green thread for the green in the quilt.  Once I get to quilt the black and white centers I will probably go either black or white thread.  I haven’t figured that part out yet.  My finish is in sight (golf clap), yay!  Because I want the back to be revealed when the quilt is complete, sorry everyone, no picture.  You will get a chuckle, it is worth the wait.

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