Quilting Gremlins! Just in time for Halloween *sigh*

2rowsWell, the green lemonade quilt is not disappointing with it’s drama.  I have started quilting this green monstrosity and it continues to be problematic.  And as I suspected, the gremlins are coming out to play while I do the FMQ.  (How Ghoulish for halloween).  My sewing machine has got a bad case of the gremlins lately and will not stop sewing if I have the needle stop in the down position.  It just keeps going and going like the energizer bunny.  I can unplug the foot control.  I can press stop.  The only way to stop it is to turn it off and you are not supposed to just turn it off in the middle of the program.  That would be like shutting a windows computer off without shutting windows down properly.  You know if you do this, you might end up with the blue screen of death.  My machine had done this for a period of time and I thought it was because my magnetic pin keep was too close to this digital sewing machine.  So I moved it long ago and it went away.  Now unless the green is magnetic fabric, this should not be causing the problem.

Tonight while I was doing some feathers the quilt batting decided to get underneath the part that I was quilting.  *SIGH*  The machine first decided to have the bobbin thread come from its hook and make a mess of thread afro on the back.  Got that cleared.  Then the top of the machine came unthreaded and made another mess twice.  Got that path un-forked.  For some reason a couple nights ago the thickness of this quilt (which is no thicker than any other I have quilted) kept pulling the needle loose.  That was an oddity.  I estimate I am about 35% through the quilting.  Because this quilt is so large and my harp space is only 6 inches, it will be a slow (and probably frustrating) process.  Since I am doing feathers, this is my way of giving the bird to the quilt haha.  I am so ready to be done and onto something else more pieceful (smile).

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