Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt Nov 25th!

Hello blog readers!  I had read that Bonnie Hunter is starting another mystery quilt in November and thought I would give it a try.  I do not like to spend lots of money on quilts so I went to my stash and found one of the templates!  And of course I found a gob of fabric.  After photographing the fabrics I see that some of them will be removed because it just does not flow with the tones of the other fabrics.  Here is a link to her mystery quilt guidelines for colors and tools.  Here is a rough first draft of the colors that came out of my stash.  My stash is currently organized in ziploc baggies with similar colors in the bags, pre cuts in their own packaging, and scraps crammed into ziplocs with no rhyme or reason with color.  So this was an easy grab to steal from this baggie system and rob from that precut.  My fossil fern large box of fat quarters will play a key role in this quilt as it provided a bunch of scrappy goodness.  So are you going to join in?neutralsgreenspurpleslightanddarkyellowscoral

Since this starts around the Thanksgiving break, this should give me enough time to get the Green Lemonade project at its completion.  And even though I have 2 baby quilts I need to plan/sew/complete (one being for a boy the other is undetermined) and I have oodles of projects that I need to work on and finish, I thought branching out to try something new for a change will perhaps make me grow as a better quilter.  Regardless of which project I work, I know my future looks very promising for whatever quilt project I choose!

8 thoughts on “Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt Nov 25th!

  1. It’s so funny you should write this post today. I had never heard of Bonnie Hunter and her mystery quilts until yesterday. A friend messaged me with a photo of the colour chart and asked if I had any fabrics that would go with what she already had. Of course I did and we spent a lovely afternoon playing with all the fabrics she’d got out. I’ll be following her progress and yours with interest.

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    1. My mother participated in a magazine type mystery quilt along with her quilt group and it was amazing how differently the same pattern turned out so differently. The major impact was sewing them all together and how they formed different patterns with the same block. I am glad you are interested and look forward to my quilting posts about this.

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