Green Lemonade sneak peak and a requested picture post

In a recent post Quilting is in my Genes!, I told of a quilt that was mine when I was young.  I don’t remember this quilt as my mother must have put it up early to preserve it, Thanks MOM!  Now Mom is old (sorry Mom, your memory has what I call white noise) and she cannot remember things correctly.  I found out this quilt was made for my birth more than 45 years ago (ssshhhhh don’t tell).  One of my followers was curious to see the quilt so I have gotten it out of the cedar chest.

As we age and look at ourselves in the mirror everyday, you just don’t wake up and you are grey, it is a gradual process.  When I looked at this quilt I realized it’s absence in use, I was remembering what it did look like (perhaps I am now not remembering things correctly like my mother) and it is faded with a tad of color here and there.  I had remembered it to be very colorful and bright.  I have used and abused it in the last 5 years of rearing the youngins and now it is put up to preserve what is left of it.  By looking at the quilt, I suspect my Great Grandmother thought I was a boy and then added a girly backing.   As a quilter who loves a great quilt story, it is most spectacular that my children have slept under a quilt made by their Great-Great Grandmother!

ggmquiltggmquilt2The reds are still vibrant.  This is just a simple patch work quilt and quilted with straight stitching in the ditch.  Additionally this quilt has a flannel batting.  This quilt is so soft.  And after the photo process, is back in the cedar chest to take out and admire and tell a story about it to my children or grandchildren one day.

Now posting a little progress.  It is proving to be a very complicated quilting job because of it’s size.  I would say I have quilted about 2/3rds of the green lemonade quilt.  Funny, the first green melon I quilted I wanted to quilt with feathers but did not want to have the nightmare of keeping the feathers running in all the same direction.  When quilting on a 6 inch throat space you have to twist and tug in all directions so I wanted to prevent a directional pattern in that space.  I call the green quilted areas Turtle Abs.  I then change up thread and quilt the black and white space with white thread and make my feathers there.  Here is a sneak peak.  I will try to get to my mothers soon so I can use her nice Janome machine which has a huge throat space, which makes the central regions of the quilt much easier to keep steady in my FMQ.  My goal is to finish Green Lemonade this month probably over the Thanksgiving holiday when I will be enjoying more time at home.


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