2016 Quilting in Review

This year was a bumper crop of effort for my quilt abilities.  So many people became fruitful and so many baby size quilts were made.  My goal for the year was one a month.  It looks like the time sucker of the bunch is the green lemonade quilt.  If I could get my big girl pants on and just continue with my quilting, that one will be completed this month.  But regarding this quilt, I have a bad case of the I don’t wanna’s.

Here are pictures of my completed quilts:


It would seem that my productivity was maxed for the beginning 7 months.  When I started blogging my productivity went down drastically.  Now I understand why bloggers have so many hop, skip, and jump posts.  Keeping the reader coming back for new and exciting creates a bunch of UFOs.  I will continue with this green monster and will be moving to a brand new project baby quilt size within the next month.  I will also be working a bit with bonnie hunters mystery quilt which starts in 2 weeks.

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