Trapesing along with green lemonade

Well I made a goal to finish this by Thanksgiving and it may just be as planned, for once on this quilt.  The gremlins have been stitched into the fibers, and caged forever to never come out to play again.  Now I need to figure out how to bind it.  I would like to traditional bind it with 2 1/2 inch strips folded.  However if you can imagine where the melons intersect, this is a very abrupt inlet junction.  Perhaps I will just turn it under 1/4 inch.  Or I could do some trimming to get an easier bias edge trail.  I also thought about using that spot as a start and stop for binding.  All binding would be cut and turned under at that one critical spot.  I could even make a sloppy binding effort somewhat fudging on the actual raw edge and covering it up with a yo-yo.  Whatever I decide, I will be DONE!


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