Quilting DNA

When one makes a quilt, sometimes a pin prick happens.  And then the dreaded pin prick gets on the white fabric of your quilt.  Usually if you haven’t pre-washed your fabrics, it will come out.  If you have starched the dickens out of the fabric, it will come out.  All the sud technology of today, the stain is a thing of the past.  I am not sure about any of you, but when I quilt sometimes I notice hairs of mine or the children’s that have drifted to the quilt top to be forever stitched into the quilt as well.  While quilting the Green Lemonade quilt which is someone else’s UFO, I came across someone’s blood borne pathogen in this quilt top.  The pins were in this quilt for so long that some had rusted (probably because the former owner does like me, puts pins in their mouth in lieu of pinning the material).  Hair, mine, the children’s and a complete strangers stitched with love and perserverance.  Bloody, Rusted, and Hairy, I suppose this quilt is a lot like me, stubborn, rusted, and hairy hehe.  A brand new quilt with all of these DNA extras.  If they do not wash out?  I am kind of over that idea.  This quilt was such a lemon to start with ripping out all the work to put it back together.  The DNA will add to the provenance of the quilt one day.

Take aways:

  • Perseverance pays off
  • Tolerance is a virtue
  • Queen size can be done on a DSM
  • Listen to the body and the mind, it will tell you when to rest
  • Gremlins can be stitched down forever, never to escape
  • When there is a will there is a way
  • you can never have too much thread
  • Mind-numbing monotony teaches joy in other chores

Lots of seam ripping left lots of bits of thread.  I was to the point of not caring and left them in the fabric.  So occasionally I would stitch over these little stray fibers.  I have forever captured the essence, and maybe these bits of thread will tell a story 75 years from now when I am long gone and my children are old.  Perhaps these tid bits will add to the warmth of the quilt.

I also learned that if you have a solid that is overpowering the quilt, you can use a darker or lighter thread to break it up a bit.  I originally got this quilt top that was already sewn together back in 2015 from an auction website that did not take pictures of the back.  Had I seen the back, I would have passed with my $30 plus $18 for shipping.  My logic for this was, “Oh boy I get to sew curves and they are already cut out (I loathe cutting).”  A precut curves quilt top ready for sewing enjoyment.

Looking back now I can say that the frustration is long gone, replaced by determination and humbleness.  Someone had a cardboard template, traced around it, and cut everyone of these pieces out by hand with a scissors.  Some of these were hand stitched.  The stitching of the quilt told me that one person I know worked on it with possibly two sewing machines or someone else picked up the project after the first person gave up.  The quilt has come to fruition and I can only guess the originator is looking down from heaven smiling that someone pushed through to finish what they started.  Who knows maybe the future trend of old quilts is to do an DNA test on the fibers to see how many people worked on it and who all owned it.

And now the reveal for this long held UFO.  It will ever be my ufo because of the backing I chose for this quilt.

onthebenchrailingufobackwholetopwholetop2I have not sewn binding on the quilt as I am still researching and figuring out the right way to go about that inverted angle.  This quilt will give me good scallop lessons as I bind it.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing my trials and tribulations with Green Lemonade.   When you are given lemons you make lemonade right?   Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I declare my thanks to the originator.  Their hard work finally paid off, and the hardest part is behind me.  This will be used and abused with its imperfections, puckers, and tucks and will keep us warm for years.

7 thoughts on “Quilting DNA

  1. Hello,,, I’m here from M* forum! What a truly wonderful story that rings bells in my head of you being a person a lot like ME…. Once an idea is there… it MUST come to pass… No matter how difficult or unlikely to be something that others will understand!! I am in love with this whole thing..:)
    As for your binding.. Jenny has a “tute” on her way of doing scalloped binding that has worked for me… literally no work at all,, check it out…
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving,, I’ll be thinking of you:))) Hugs, GB

    Liked by 1 person

  2. love it ! You did a great job! It turned out awesome and I am sure the original starter of this quilt has a huge smile on their face!!!!


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