Mistake Rant

Today started out crappy.  A mistake was made, the person owned up to it, but declined to fix it.  This mistake was not a big mistake but affected many.  And since the person who declined to fix the mistake worked in human resource in the title of public relations, says a lot about few?.  It turned out to be a disappointing day from the start.

I refuse to let this bum deal affect my home life and will push happiness forward.

So I bet you are asking, what does this have to do with quilting?  I am so glad you asked.

How many of us have made mistakes in the beginning of a quilt and because we did not catch it soon enough or because we made the decision to not fix it, it ended up having a snowball affect later, making the “work smarter not harder” idea fall by the wayside.  We are our own quilt police and have the freedom to be as strict or loose with our own quilting rules.

As a  matter of principle in life, I like to fix things so I can move on or else it will bug the dickens out of me knowing it is a crappy job.  If I am oblivious to an error, that is different.  I guess I am feeling like the outsider and that I am all alone.  What is wrong with people who do not choose to fix the wrongs?  Do people just not care anymore?  There seems to be no accountability even on the job.  Are people just lazy?  What gives?


2 thoughts on “Mistake Rant

  1. It’s easier to fix at the start than put up with always seeing a mistake. And I reckon I can beat your crappy day. We had a staff morning tea, complete with yummy Christmas food, out in the garden under the trees…which was lovely until a flock of lorikeets landed in the trees and started pooing on all of us. That was crappy! but we all laughed so much we had tears.


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