Mystery Quilt Gestapo, HAULT!

instruction1trirecsSo the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt en Provence has released it’s second clue.  I cut fabric to do the sample as she said to do and if you look at the triangle block on the bottom of the picture you will see it is coming up 1/8 inch short of the 3 1/2.  So, I tried cutting fabric a different way giving extra overhang from the triangles.  Still a no go.  The Quilt Gestapo is haulting any progress until I figure this out.  I have followed her instructions.  The only thing I can guess is that because we are cutting with the line on top of the fabric and the 90 degree and 45 degree sides are exactly lined up with the edge on there is no line to put on the fabric that this is my problem.  Not sure exactly how to fix said problem.  I have played with the coral color, now I will play with cutting differently on the neutral and go back and read her blog again to make sure I am doing it correctly.  *sigh*

I have become a little insecure about my coral fabric choice too.  I dare to be different and though I have a whole bolt of this why not try this color out.  I even found the perfect match for all my colors to come together in one fabric.  Oh well, this is just going to be for use here at the house, so however it turns out, it turns out.  Perhaps a time machine to travel back to fix the pending error?

Behind, behind, behind!  Even though I was off last week for the holidays and I did get 104 blocks sewn because I am using true scraps it is time consuming, and that 104 is not even halfway.  If someone could just give me a good dose of extra uninterrupted time that would help.

9 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Gestapo, HAULT!

  1. I read the instructions for part two, even though I’m not doing the quilt. I didn’t understand why she said to cut off those corners before sewing. Maybe you could try another one leaving the corners and see if that works.


    1. The corners are a reference point to align raw edges. I think cutting with the fabric on the line for one dimension should be carried out for all sides. And if you look at Bonnies blog, her blocks look a little crooked like mine.


      1. Ok, I called in the experts. After making many, many measurements, the man of the house says one of the angles is a thread off on one end. The trial recs templates I have are defective.


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