Mystery Quilt Hurdle overcome


If any of you are doing the En Provence mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter, and using the tri recs ruler system and your blocks are not coming out it is possible your ruler is defective.  See my previous post.  Yup, I called in some manly experts in the house and he compared both angles on all sides.  The smaller ruler is fine.  However one side of the larger triangle is off.  He figured this out by comparing the 1/4 inch seam allowance mark to the edge of the ruler on two different mats.

So I have placed a black X on the bad side.  And will flip flop the ruler only with the good side leaving a scant of fabric coming past the bad side more at the top point of the ruler vs the bottom.  The closer to the bottom you get to the ruler the more accurate it is.

This ruler system cost a little more than $11.00.  I will press on with this as I have no choice.  But I would not recommend this product.  Too bad, because the rest of my rulers made by this company to my knowledge are true.  And I will probably leave a bad product review on Amazon to let all know that it is not true.

So tomorrow, I will re-tackle this block and it will be a tad more accurate.  This is quite unsettling.  Nothing like having an issue which gets you frustrated and then parlez’s into a very messy work area.  See photo above.  *sigh*

On a positive note, I have 170 4 patches completed now.

3 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Hurdle overcome

  1. Have you tried to get on touch with the company? Instead of just leaving a bad review, have you given them the chance to fix it? Then you could review saying it’s not true, but that they replaced the rulers. Of course if you tried and did not get a proper response, then go ahead with the bad review. I just think that they should have a chance to fix the issue first…


    1. I could try that. However, no more money that I have in it I deem is not worth the effort. Dealing with customer service can also be frustrating. I am not going to stress about it. The company is Large companies do not care anymore, customer service is dead.


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