En Provence Mystery Quilt REWORK

trirecsIn a previous post, after sewing several blocks using the tri recs ruler for clue 2 in the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt going on now, I determined that my ruler was defective.  Out of curiosity today I took it to my LAQS and compared them.  I was right, it is off by just enough to throw it way out of wack.  I gladly purchased a new one to proceed with the mystery quilt.

I couldn’t wait to get home and try out the new ruler.  The very first block I sewed…..was how it should be….accurate!  So now I am really behind, by more than a week.

I am still sewing the 4 patch blocks.  During her quilt cam video on Sunday she mentioned a calculated error for neutrals by a yard and a half.  So while I was at the quilt shop I also picked up a few new fat quarter neutrals to help me proceed and it is getting very scrappy.  I have 170 four patches done and some strip sets waiting to be ironed and joined with their mate to complete 51 more.  And because of the delays from my tri recs ruler caused, I have 7 of those complete and threw away about 10 blocks which where the ones coming up 1/8 inch short.

So the good news, I can make progress….the bad news I will have to re-sew 10 blocks and have wasted my effort trying to get those right.  Hopefully the next ruler we use the easy angle companion will NOT be defective which is made by the same company as the tri recs ruler.  Pressing on…….:)


6 thoughts on “En Provence Mystery Quilt REWORK

    1. So far the new ruler is accurate, any inaccuracies are probably now due to operator error. As far as the bad one, I don’t want a refund, I just want to make sure the quilter who purchases this ruler after my purchase gets a good ruler. I have an email out to Darlene Zimmerman whose name is on the ruler.

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