Clue 1 complete, Clue 2 behind, Clue 3 New!

Yesterday they released clue 3 for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt En Provence.  So today I got out the purples and starched and cut my strips.  Last night I finally finished up the neutral 4 patches.  I also worked on the triangles from clue number 2.  I am enjoying this process because the next step is unknown and therefore less cumbersome to think about.  I learned a long time ago that sewing one patch over and over is kind of monotonous.  My mind wants more color and different blocks to sew.  A one patch quilt is very hard for me to stay focused on because of the monotony.


A shoe box above is housing all 221 neutral 4 patches with a few triangle blocks.  Yes I am done with this step and was very bored with it as it is not challenging.  The challenge is finishing this step ha!

Because I had issues with my tri recs ruler I am behind for clue 2.  But instead of me being glass half empty, lets say that I am almost 50% complete with this step.

Because I am craving a little color cloth to run through my hands, I have started on the strip sets for the purples.  I am certain by the time I finish this step I will be bored to death with it.  The good news is I can sew some of the triangles in between to help with the monotony.

purplesI am still wondering how all of this is going to come together.  She said once we are done with clue 2 (the triangles), that we can put that fabric away.  This color way is kinda scarce for it being the main color of the quilt as she suggested.  Perhaps I misunderstood.

Lots of 4 patches….lets do some math  clue 1 is 221 blocks, clue 2 is 100 blocks, and clue 3 is 168 blocks….a tally of this says so far a total of 489 3 inch blocks.  This quilt top will probably be the most pieces in one top I have ever done.  I do have a queen size scrappy quilt that has over 1100 pieces.  We are not quite halfway there with the 489 but I bet we end up with over 1100.  I am doing my best to keep up, if only I could have a bucket of more time and a maid to clean the house and cook….*sigh*.  I better be careful what I wish for.  With time off around the corner I am certain I will catch up and you will see more frequent posts from me.  Additionally I am working on a chenille project for a laptop that I hope to post within the week.  Now, off to fill bobbins :)~

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