Quilt Rack….a solution!

Season’s Greetings fellow readers!  It is that time of year.  The time of year you realize how hard it is to buy for a family member who has met all their wants and needs.  What to get them?  I am one who will give gift cards but do not like the impersonal idea behind the gift and would rather just give money so they are free to spend it on whatever they wish.  Each Christmas it is harder and harder to find something unique and utilitarian that my parents can use, love, and abuse.  This year I am still brain storming and will think of something, hopefully in the St. Nick of time :).

Having  youth that runs amuck in the house and those little pitter patters become thunderous footsteps as they grow, I tend to latch on to some of their little people-ness.  Whether it is clothing or sheets (to make a memory quilt one day) or their crib where many goodnight kisses have transpired, I have it waiting to repurpose it into something special.

Perusing pinterest has many great ideas to transform a crib.  I have seen the rails made into an A frame, or an L shape to stick in the corner and drape quilts over them.  I have kept part of the crib hoping one day I would know exactly what to do with it to keep it as a keepsake and pass it on.  Whether it be a gift for my children or any loved one who is hard to buy for.

Last week it was rather chilly.  This old house has a mighty draft when the wind blows and because of the drought conditions the house settled a little bit more severe this year, than in years past.  I decided to simply take the rails from the crib and drape the quilts and blankets over ever other rung.  I then just leaned it up to the door as a draft dodger.  Draft eliminated!  I repurposed with no extra materials to consume and I will be enjoying cheaper energy bills for the winter.   And one day pass this on to the child that I once kissed goodnight through the rails with quilts that I made with love.


2 thoughts on “Quilt Rack….a solution!

  1. Great idea – it looks fabulous. My parents decided a few years ago they didn’t want any gifts they had to keep and instead asked for a Christmas hamper. Each year we pool the money we would all have spent on a gift for each of them and my sister and I go to a large deli which stocks all sorts of delicious gourmet food. We buy lots of treats our Mum and Dad wouldn’t buy for themselves and they have a lovely time eating it all over the next couple of months. The bonus is that the deli serves excellent lunches in their cafe so, as well as getting our Christmas shopping done, my sister and I enjoy a nice outing together.

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