Update -En Provence Mystery Quilt

These last three days, I would sew and sew and never seemed to catch up with the purple triangles in a square or the 4 patches.  I am coming close to using all my dark purple fabrics.  I am not sure how anyone else is doing with their purples, but I had to use a lot of one of my yardage pieces so the scraptagion is not so much with this portion of the quilt.  I suspect that I have made oodles more 4 patch purple blocks.  Either the children got into them and have hidden them, or more likely they fell off behind my buffet which is sewing central for me and to get to them I would have to move everything from storage at the bottom and unstack all of my “mess” to the left.  My mess being the box full of fabrics that I am pulling from to make En Provence as well as another project that is in my Kan Ban system.

I went to take a picture of my shoe box full of blocks, and could not find my camera.  Not sure what I did with it.  I seem to misplace/forget more things lately.  Anyway, imagine a shoe box with 6 neat stacks of all 3 1/2 inch blocks up to this point in the sew along.  Five of these stacks have made their way all the way to the top.  The short stack in the bunch is me needing to iron a few to complete the stack.

Foreshadowing has happened in our Mystery Quilt realm.   Bonnie told us the next couple of weeks will be easy because she has decided in lieu of family and the holidays in the midst to make it a lighter load for those of us coping with all the stress and rig-a-ma-roe this time of year.

This is my first mystery quilt, and feel pretty good that even though I have so many responsibilities, I still find the time to do what I enjoy.  Joyful stress!

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