Barnyard Ladies Quilt

My Mother was inspired by my Father in his collecting of toy tractors.  You see, my Dad sold his collection only keeping a few pieces that he acquired as gifts.  Instead of these pieces taking up a whole room in the house, the down sized collection was more manageable to place in small spaces throughout the house.  My mom decided to have a kitchen themed with the International Harvester logo with some tractor goodness, because that is what put bread and butter on the table for years.  Very novel idea and in keeping with this farmy kind of decorating she really wanted to do a wall hanging to tie everything together.  Mom’s kitchen is all white with black accents and a gray floor.

She came across a pattern by  This website is famous for their quilting inspired theme blocks with victorian painted ladies.  She liked those very much, but the barnyard ladies won and she meticulously made her wall hanging.  The contrast of the black and whites, and all the brights really make this pop.  She had fun making this and using all the techniques involved.  She did however change it up a bit.  I snapped this picture during our Christmas gathering at their home.  I thought I would share this beautiful work of art that now hangs in her kitchen.  Enjoy!



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