HoneyComb, Won’t You Be My Baby?

On Christmas eve, to fill a bit of spare time I started a half hexi quilt using the accuquilt cutting system.  Gosh, that saves oodles of time and is allowing me one more finish for 2016.

I started out with 4 charm packs from Moda Fabrics Bee Creative line.  honeycombI used up 2 of the packs and have a few left overs from the third pack.  To lighten the costs, I found everything in my stash, well almost everything.  I “shopped” my Mother’s stash to find some appropriate binding fabric, luckily she had some chicken wire fabric with a honeycomb theme that worked perfectly.  I will be hand binding this tonight. bee1bee2bee3

While making this quilt, I had an ear worm.  Urban dictionary describes an ear worm as a song that plays over and over in your head and will not leave.  Now that I am just saying the words to myself, the worm is back.  Do you remember the song “Honeycomb, won’t you be my baby?”.  Lovely song I have linked to youtube and it is by Jimmie Rodgers.

This quilt was made for a coworker of mine who has honey bees on the side.  I thought this would fit in the theme of things since he is adding another child to his hive.

Even though I shopped my stash for this quilt, it still has fabric costs regardless how long you have had them.  I bought the charm packs for $2.50 each and used 3 for a total cost of $7.50.  The backing I bought at an estate sale for $3 and still have left over fabric from this.  The binding was zero dollars (thanks Mom).  I have no idea how much batting I have left on my roll so I will not include it’s cost or the cost of the thread.  I have made a very modern coordinating quilt for a little over $10.  I learned to be thrifty long ago with my hobby.  I aim to share that story another day.  Thank you for reading my blog and Happy New year!

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