En Provence Reveal

Well, Bonnie Hunter surprised me this morning with the reveal of En Provence.  I am excited that there will be no more clues because this one has been oodles of work in a short period of time.  I learned that I am a more laid back quilter (who has too many other responsibilities to try to keep up).  I am not sure if I will participate again.  If I do, I will probably choose my own color palette.

If you would like to see her quilt, click here.

For the colors I chose, mine will be much brighter.  However my purples are dark, so much that it may be domineering.  Perhaps that is what she was going for and once I get mine all pieced together it will look as if it was meant to be.  Here are blocks from previous weeks laid out in her layout.

ep7I really like the blueish greens I selected.  The quilt is definitely going to be a bright one.  I will work on this a tad making up Fridays clue 6 and starting on clue 7 which is more QSTs and cutting the yellow 3 1/2 inch squares.  I will be working on a number for how many pieces, I am thinking we are near 3,000!  The good thing now  is I don’t have to keep up and can joyously go at my own pace.  I am hoping to see other peoples color schemes with this layout to see how different they look.  Happy Quilting!

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