Not Sew Much

Greetings Quilty Readers!

Not much happening here.  Because I am back to my 40 hour work week after the holidays and been doing it for a couple of weeks, the tiredness returns and when I am not cooking, cleaning, bathing children, commuting, I am trying to truly relax.  I find quilting very relaxing and need to get back onto the Farm Girl Vintage tractor quilt, but I need to keep my reserves going for my family.  The weekend will be here before you know it and I will be humming along with my sewing machine stitching the quilt sandwich.

A few posts ago, I shared a chenille laptop sack I was making which is still uncompleted.  The trimmings left over from this project I quickly made into pot holders with no bias binding just raw edge pot holders.  Pretty crude.  I washed these chenilled pieces and the ugly homespun looks so different than before.  Here are before and after photos.  The only difference is the size the cloth was cut

Here is a good close up of all those fabrics cut on the bias, edges perfectly fringed just by laundering.cupotholderYou can see the homespun plaid, but it is very fuzzy.

I have not worked any of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt En Provence.  Too many demands are keeping my skills to tired to try.  This weekend I am looking forward to filling my bucket with quilting goodness.  You will see another post this weekend on whatever I have going on the machine.  Seeya soon!

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