I decided to join

If you are thinking I made a New Year’s resolution, you are incorrect.  I do those things all year long and saving up for one day a year for that, kinda is overwhelming….keeping it simple for me anyhow.  No, I joined a sewing club.  I stuck it out through the whole meeting, and even though the projects these ladies plan for the year are simplistic, I do look forward to a little social time all to myself, if that statement makes any sense.  There will be crochet and hand appliqué which I have zero experience.  It will have take-aways that I can carry with me for the rest of my life.  And the main reason I joined was to network with other quilters in the area.  New faces and new perspectives.  There is a quilt guild and I do look forward to meeting up with these ladies to find out more about that.

The group I joined benefits charities, whether it is sewing dog bandanas for the SPCA or making NICU pillows to prop the un-well babies up to keep them from getting sore.  Project Linus quilts, and pillowcases for cancer (I had never heard of this one, but it is out there).

February will we be having a workshop, an all day sewing even of the Jelly Roll Race quilt.  I have never made one of these either and have two jelly rolls that will easily make a larger quilt that everyone can use in the house, so why not.  I am trying to talk one of my co-workers into coming for the event because she has always wanted to make a quilt and she is a hoot and fun to be around…so win win!

I also learned there is a woman in the group that has a long arm and if you are making a quilt for yourself she will allow you to use her machine at no cost, but out of her generosity the club suggests offering fabric, thread, and/or money.  So, maybe soon I will get to tackle that adventure!

I am finishing up the farm girl vintage tractor baby quilt.  Will be binding that today and/or tomorrow and will post that very soon.  Then hopefully I can get back on track with En Provence work and get that going again.

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