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Hello readers, happy Sunday to ya!  I wish I had something to post with picture goodness, but don’t.  Perhaps within the week.

Sometimes I look at what is ahead of me and get overwhelmed.  This past week my boss thought kindly to redirect a fabric donation slated for goodwill.  I gladly accepted what was mostly deemed yardage.  Large pieces.  I segregated the pieces I didn’t like or would not use.  I then gave that box to a member of the local piece makers group.  She in turn, donated what was left to another member.  One fabric stash became a member of 4 people’s stashes in less than 4 days.  Now my cup runner has over.  There were 5 yard plus pieces which will make backing for quilts.  But because I have so much, it kinda messes with my head.  I need to figure out where I should put it.  My dresser and buffet (aka my sewing nook) is already filled.  I am starting to encroach on other areas of the house.  I have a box of vintage sheets, a box of wool, two totes of started projects, two projects I am working on in a shoebox, and a quilt top waiting to be quilted….what to do?  This is interrupting progress.  My work surface is about 13×13 for cutting and my machine sits beside that.  I have to be efficient with space.  I feel compelled to start cutting the pieces for the vintage sheet quilt so the box would deplete drastically, it will still be a box of fabric.  But, in the back of my mind I want to refrain from starting another project.  Sew many ideas are swarming.  I am afraid to proceed, I don’t want to let the swarm sting me.

Yesterday amongst the mess I did manage to sew 3 more en Provence mystery quilt blocks that are really not a mystery anymore.  Because of so much bad feng shui I sewed them together wrong….see what I mean it messes with my head, makes me scatterbrained like the scattered mess about me.


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