Organization and Homemade Jelly Rolls

My stash is out of control due to no real estate left in my house.  @#$!

My boss knows that I quilt.  Each of his children have received one for their births.  His wife sews and sells on Etsy, and has quite a thing going.  Last weekend, his wife did some spring cleaning and decided to purge fabrics from the past.  Most of these fabrics were quilting cottons.  The oldest piece I found was dated 2007.  All 50 plus pounds were slated to go to goodwill.  He redirected and saved the three boxes for me.  So I had a major stash gain!   Beautiful new fabric to pet and admire.  But what to do with them????

Last year I had went through my existing stash and categorized by color and then folded all the smaller than a yard pieces and put them into ziplock bags, keeping them sorted as such.  It was so easy if I needed a small piece I could look through my clear tote and see if I might have something, or I could pop the lid off and skootch things around to see if I had a specific fabric that would work for that particular project.  I could take everything out of the tote entirely and put it all back in within minutes and nothing would become unfolded.  It worked.

Then I had my sheet swap and had about 35 fat quarters I had to make room for plus the left over sheets from cutting up my fat quarters.  So I commandeered a dresser and the bottom drawer became dedicated to nothing but vintage sheets.  But then my vintage sheet population out grew its home and now part was in the dresser and part was in a box.

So right now my storage is an issue.  I still have my smaller pieces in baggies but moved those to the dresser.  With the new fabric editions, they simply will not fit anywhere.  I am afraid if I go buy a tote and put them out in the shed, I will not dip into the tote and use up this part of my stash.  Then an idea happened.

I have all this fabric not being used, all scraps with no purpose.  All sorted already, I just whipped out my accuquilt cutter and started going to town.  I enjoyed the jelly roll race quilt so much that if another baby event happens to someone I know I can easily turn out a quilt in a weakened.  So I used the 2 1/2 strip cutter and went to town.  I cut up all the reds, oranges, pinks, yellows and blues with a hint of blacks and greens.  Pictured is my final result minus one which I gave to my mom.

I have been saving strings whether it is the selvages or just narrow scraps of fabric for a string quilt.  Some pieces are less than an inch wide, some are a tad bigger than 5 inches.  I took my ziplock baggie system and put all those pieces together in a large worn out pillow case to throw into the tote.

It looks like this will be a quilt in no time.  I am not sure how many years I have been saving, but the number is definitely plural.  I used to throw them away (gasp).  But those little scraps do add up.  Future quilt in a bag.

And I cannot forget my vintage sheets.  I accuquilted all these down to 2 inch squares or 3 1/2 inch squares.  I have never made a vintage sheet quilt but know by the thread bareness of some of the sheets, it is a good idea to back it with interfacing for extra strength.  So my stash also consists of gridded interfacing on point which will make these lovelies all the more lovelier.  For those of you who have cut vintage sheets, it cannot be done with a rotary cutter.  It is impossible to keep things square.  Interfacing is your friend.

And yes I am still sewing on the En Provence mystery quilt.  I have gotten a couple more purple blocks done. epmqblock

Due to all my organization, my sewing area became a huge mess for such a small space.  I still have a box of fabric that does not fit anywhere and due to an unforeseen incident my stash grew yet again this past week as I received a $50 gift certificate to my LAQS.  No more pretty fabric purchases for me for a long time!

Stash is non busted but workable.  More scraps have gravitated to the tote.  My sheet drawer is a little more empty.  Night night stash, sleep tight.


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