One post a week :(

Computer maintenance is periodically done around here.  And for the last three weeks, I have limited access to photo editing programs that help me with my blog.  So here is my post for the week.

I am still trudging along with En Provence.  I need to do better with my quilting allocated time, but it is what it is.  I have 15 purple blocks sewn and went to put together the last block and realized either two fell behind the buffet, or I counted wrong.  So I am short two purple qsts.  I will leave that block to sew last.  I know I am several short for the yellow qsts because I never counted those.  So I will sew as many things together as possible and wait until I know exactly how many of each I need to sew.  So like I said I am still trudging along with en provence.

I did finish the laptop sack.  The client wanted an addition late in the game.  I added a pocket for a spiral notebook and ink pen.  It got washed and chenilled wonderfully soft.  It was settled upon the strap to use was black (not my choice) and similar to a boy scout belt in texture and size.

Now I am dreaming of having en provence done and the piecing behind me, but what about the quilting….hmmmm.  I have been brainstorming for a while.  I have purchased the backing fabric which is more neutral.  So I will probably go with a neutral thread or a lavender thread.  And since this was based on photos of lavender fields in France, I will probably do something in rows with some heavy FMQ involving feathers perhaps.  I am rather daunted by the task of quilting this as the space I have makes it hard on me to do this on my DSM.  My throat space sucks.  Additionally, before I start quilting anything I really need to take my machine in for service.  It is about 4 years past due.  No telling how many hours are on this machine but is probably above 5000.  I suspect there is an adjustment that needs to be made or a replacement needs to happen in the bobbin case area as the feed of my thread through the top sometimes jerks and causes a tension problem on the bottom with one stitch.

For eye candy for you quilters and readers I will post random pictures of the past.  Enjoy!


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